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lnk October 13, 2012 04:39

Question about Edge Params
Hi everyone,

I have one question about ICEM.

I set Pre-Mesh Params -> Edge Params -> spacing 1 , spacing 2 to one value. Then I click 'okay' or 'apply' button. The values always change, like from 1 to 0.9999. But I don't like it to change even a little. May I ask how to absolutely fix that value to 1?

Best regards and many thanks,

Far October 13, 2012 06:12

set it again.

lnk October 13, 2012 12:58


Originally Posted by Far (Post 386408)
set it again.

Setting it again doesn't work. I set it to 1 then press the button 'apply', it jumps to 0.999997. Then I press that button again, it changes to 0.999994. By the way, the max space is 4. So geometrically it's totally possible that the spacing 1 and 2 can be 1.

Best regards and many thanks,

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