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hadrien51 October 17, 2012 07:11

merge surface mesh
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Hi Guys
I have a new problem.
I have a good stl and I want to merge some surface mesh with this stl to close the domain and use the total surface mesh to do a delaunay mesh. I send a picture.
I was looking for in edit mesh > merge nodes but I don't found nothing.
If you have a idea to do it ?

PSYMN October 18, 2012 14:58

You may be looking for the stitch edges command...

But an easier way to do it (assuming the purple surface is a mesh, or after you convert it to a mesh using Edit => Facets to Mesh) would be to close holes... Select one of the edges and flood fill (hot key "l") to select the others, then MMB.

Best regards,

hadrien51 October 19, 2012 06:58

I try to close holes using edit mesh > repair mesh > Flood fill/make consistent
there is 2 option flood fill and make volume mesh ....
I suppose that I have to toggle on flood fill
you write "Select one of the edges and flood fill (hot key "l") to select the others, then MMB."
but if I select only flood fill I can't select nothing
and If I select both (flood fill and make volume....) I can select elements not edges and the key "i" doesn't work
and last question what means MMB ?
Sorry PSYMM, so many questions
thank a lots

diamondx October 19, 2012 14:01

MMB = middle mouse button...

hadrien51 October 19, 2012 15:07

middle mouse button
of course !!!!!!!!!
thank shine on crazy diamondx !!!!!!!

PSYMN October 19, 2012 22:41

I didn't mean to use the "Flood fill" command. you should use the "Repair => Mesh From Edges" Then select a single edge and then hit the hotkey "l" for flood fill. You could also pick flood fill from the selection tool box.

Best regards,


hadrien51 October 22, 2012 05:24

It s work !
thank you guys !!!!!!

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