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alimrad110 October 17, 2012 12:36

Elliptical Ball Valve Meshing
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Hi Guys,

I have to produce structured mesh for a ball valve with an elliptical output. I have no idea how to even approach this problem :confused:. I would like to capture the chamfers and fillets using fine mesh. The ICEM files are attached here.

I have to simulate the ball in 100% open position, 60 degree open position and 30 degree open positions.

I would really appreciate your help.
contact me if you need more information about the geometry!

diamondx October 17, 2012 15:11

do you have access to the customer portal, you will find a bunch of tutorials on how to get started... we will gladly help when you will find difficulties somewhere. so come back to us after trying...

alimrad110 October 17, 2012 15:32

Thanks for your reply Ali,

I've done that a while ago. I can mesh simpler geometries fairly easily. I can mesh geometries with less curvature on them. I never meshed an assembly in ICEM though! My problem is where to start. Do I start with a block around the whole geometry and then split or I mesh the elliptical part first and then extend the blocks from the elliptical part. I have tried both but have failed with both! That's why I'm saying I have no idea where to start!

If you could let me how you would start to approach it I would much appreciate it!


diamondx October 17, 2012 15:53

i took a look at your geometry. i suggest you extract the fluid domain from your assembly.
i don't think it's doable in icem , i suggest designmodeler...

diamondx October 17, 2012 15:57

a video on extracting fluid domain :

cfd seeker October 18, 2012 12:39

An extended O-grid and then extrude will do the trick, am I right or wrong?

alimrad110 October 22, 2012 12:53

Hi Ali,

I have already tried using Ansys. It was that top notch mesh quality that I was looking for. Thats why I moved to ICEM. Thanks a lot for your time and effort though! Really Appreciate it !!!

alimrad110 October 22, 2012 13:00

Hi CFD Seeker,

I tried that once but couldn't get any further. So I started from the ellipse it self, created a block with an O-ring then extended it to the ball interior and then extended to ball interior and the piping. did the same to the other side as well. my premesh was not good at all !!! Maybe I had to associate surfaces as well as curves :confused:

let me know if you would do it differently !!!


sam03 January 2, 2014 01:45

Ball valve simulation
Hello everyone.....
Can any one tell me how to simulate a ball valve in CFD. i just want to predict variation of flow from zero 100% opening......please can any one help

Far January 2, 2014 09:37

This question can be answered in better way in fluent forum. Any how you can put the inlet velocity and change mesh for each opening and give outlet condition.

Simon has told once that instead of remeshing create a sphere around valve and rotate it for each angle and connect main pipe with valve meshing through interface.

sam03 January 5, 2014 01:26

Dear Sijal Ahmed
my question is still remain unanswered how to re-mesh the opening each instant of time..............actually i have not attempted a problem of re-meshing the fluid domain if you could please help in this regard i will be obliged to you........

Thanks in advance

Far January 5, 2014 08:05

use dynamic meshing in fluent and start a new thread in fluent forum

maalan April 24, 2014 14:01

Hi there!! How woud you mesh the flow around a very thin 2-D ellipse with ICEM??


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