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sut October 19, 2012 06:01

importing step file in turbogrid
can a geometry in step file be imported into turbogrid and can we generate a mesh for the same.if yes how can we do it?

sushil thamke

CFD_SIM October 19, 2012 06:07

Hello Sut,

i think that importing a stepfile in Turbogrid is not directly possbile. A friend of mine once just programmed something for this problem.

For creating a Blade in Turbogrid you have to get points out of your stepfile and save them as .crv or .txt files.
There are maybe different ways for your problem, but that is something that has worked for me pretty good.

Hope i could help.

Kind regards

sut October 19, 2012 06:32

thanks john

Far October 19, 2012 14:42

I have complete procedur and excel macro to get the data from step/igies/parasolid file into the turbogrid format. But it is really a hard work.

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