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veerukvb October 23, 2012 02:59

how to improve mesh quality in the hydrocyclone
Dear Sir,

I am Veerabhadra Rao and working as JRF in IITH. I got meshing problem in the hydrocyclone. I got fine mesh at the centre and coarse mesh towards the wall and the quality of the mesh is low. Can you suggest how to improve mesh quality in the hydrocyclone.

CFD_SIM October 23, 2012 03:26

Hi and welcome,

i think we need some more informations.
Did you generate a hex mesh or a tetra mesh. If you worked with a tetra mesh you can use prism at the walls.
If you are using hex mesh i would think that your spacing is wrong and suggest that you look at it a change it im neccesary. (You can check it under Pre-Mesh Params and then Edge Params).

kind regards

diamondx October 23, 2012 21:28

if you search icem, blocking , in youtube you will get a video of somebody meshing a hydrocyclone. just use tthe right key word. good luck

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