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Pouya October 23, 2012 06:07

How to reduce total number of elements?
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Hi every one!

I've a couple of questions! I'm using ANSYS Mechanical APDL to create geometry and mesh. The geometry is simple (flow around a circular cylinder!). I've used "Flotran 142" as fluid element.

I want to reduce total number of elements specially in the z direction (assuming xy on the cross section). And of course I have to reduce Y+ in z direction to a value of below 1.

I decided to use finer elements around the riser (similar to the picture). I'm using structured mesh. In this picture, 2 elements are connected to one. I should merge nodes and keypoints. Is it possible? (I know it is! I've extracted the picture from an OMAE paper!)
But how? Is it possible in Mechanical APDL? Is any special command necessary? or maybe I've to use another meshing software?!!!

I was wondering if you'd mind explaining it! Thank you.

Pouya October 23, 2012 17:52

You know we can't delete a thread! So check this one please:

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