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vmlxb6 October 23, 2012 16:32

fixing of geometry
Hello all,

I would like to join the 2 surfaces that are denoted by a yellow border. I have attached the images with this post.

I have tried a couple of things but none seem to work. any help is kindly appreciate. The geometry it self was broken when I imported it to ICEM.

Thank you very much.

diamondx October 23, 2012 20:24

my be setting a higher tolerance in the build topology will work, if not, this will work:
Create one point in one of those curve.
Create a second point in the other curve. (use project point on curve) so they can be aligned.
next create an edge between these two points.
After that create a surface using the driven curve. select circular curve as driven, then edge as driver (i dont remember the names first one is driven for sure don't remember the second) .
I hope you got my point.
If not share you geometry i can help you do that.

vmlxb6 October 23, 2012 23:56

@ Ali
thanks Ali. i will try this tomorrow and let you know how it went.

vmlxb6 October 24, 2012 17:20

Thank you very much. It worked just fine.

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