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lmg2e09 October 27, 2012 17:01

C or O domain for airfoil analysis?
I am a user of Fluent and CFX tough I have a question..
Do you think (also if possible with references) using a O or a C (an in the tutorials) domain to analyse a 2D airfoil??


Far October 27, 2012 17:05

If you have sharp trailing edge then C type otherwise O-type

AleAle October 31, 2012 11:14

Can I ask you why the C-mesh is better than the O-mesh in a airfoil with a sharp edge? which are the advantages?

Thank you!! :)

blackmask November 9, 2012 00:28

For O-type grid, the sum of two angles adjacent to the trailing edge is (360-a), where a is the trailing edge angle which is usually very small. Each angle is approximately (180-a/2) which is close to 180. Thus the edge staring from the trailing edge should parallel to the wall (C-type) rather than than perpendicular to the wall (O-type). For blunt trailing edge, "a" is around 90 so that O-type grid can be used.

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