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M201170944 October 29, 2012 01:55

How ICEM export mesh can be used in CFL3D
i have created a 3d cube mesh,want to export to CFL3D.According to some advise,Pre-mesh>Convert to Multiblock Mesh>Select Solver,then i donot know the how to select (Output Solver and Common Structural Solver) ,and also wonder the XYZ file and INP file ,Help me :confused::confused::confused:

PSYMN October 29, 2012 11:48

Here is the help on CFL3D

I would need more info to answer why it is failing for you... Can you give me more about your steps and the error message?

You should right click on premesh to convert to multiblock mesh, then you should go to output tab => solver Setup and choose CFL3D as your Output Solver... Then go into Output => Boundary Conditions and set that up (as shown in the above link). Even if you don't want to set that up, you must still open it and hit OK to create the file. Then Go to Output => Write Input... Follow all the prompts and don't forget to save your project...

Don't worry about the "common structural solver" unless you are setting up an FSI run where you will be using a structural solver.

Actually, I just tried it myself and it failed, but maybe I did something wrong with the boundary conditions, but it is complaining about a family that I don't have. I will submit a defect. Still get me your error message and I will add it to the defect if it is different to mine. :o

M201170944 October 29, 2012 22:09

3 Attachment(s)
Thanks for the replay ofrom Far
I haved tried as your advise but failed as the same as what i met before .
Here is my process:
(1)Pre mesh>Convert to Multiblock Mesh,create the cube.Multiblock
(2)Output>Select solver>Output Solver CFL3D/Common Structural Solver Nastran
(3)Set the Boundary Conditions
(4)Write Input,select the cube.Multiblock and clock Open,nothing happens:mad:,only i chose cancle ,then the CFL3D arisedAttachment 16479
then set the parametersAttachment 16481>Done
next comes the ERROR.i am so confused about this and do not know how to handle thisAttachment 16480

PSYMN February 4, 2013 17:47

I get the same error message UNLESS I allow it to save the project before outputting to CFL3D...

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