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MaxHeat November 13, 2012 09:54

Workbench Meshing Tool - Max Face Size Parameter
Hi everybody,

I am building a mesh using the ANSYS workbench meshing tool. When I try to specify the element size, I find a parameter-option called "Max Face Size". Does anybody know for what this value stands for?

First I thought it stands for the maximal face size of the biggest element, but the dimension of the parameter is one-dimensional. Using the ANSYS help does not really help me since it defines the parameter as the diagonal of a certain bounding box with no further explanation what that bounding box is.



diamondx November 13, 2012 11:29

if it's one dimensional, it should be the length of the face... i guess

uniepedrsantos September 18, 2014 14:54

I found this question here in this ANSYS's tutorial.

- Min Size: the minimum element edge size that the mesher will create.

Max Face Size: Maximum size the surface mesher will allow.

Max Size: Maximum size the volume mesher will allow.

Growth Rate: Specifies the increase in element size for each succeeding layer
progressing from an edge. A value of 1.2 represents a 20% increase. Settings
from 1 to 5 with a default determined by relevance and transition settings

follows the link:

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