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JSolder November 13, 2012 21:14

Internal Volume Meshing -- Complex Geometry
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I am trying to mesh a complex geometry in Gambit to be imported to Fluent.

I want to mesh the internal volume, that is is the flow field I am interested in. The internal tubing with holes is intended to mix the volume. I want to verify that the volume is well mixed.

I have tried creating a mesh for all the faces, but that seems excessive and computing intensive. Also, I don't want any mesh created in the wall of the box, it is a solid object.

I have thought to define the internal volume as it own volume, but I have 175 faces and it takes so long to try and get the correct faces by trial and error.

What would be the best way to go about this problem? Am I just approaching this the wrong way?

Attached are a few images. I can send the IGS or SAT file to anyone interested.

Thanks in advance.

-mAx- November 14, 2012 01:47

First extract the fluid domain.
For that create a bounding box and use substract boolean tool.
Once you get only your fluid domain, the "meshable" geometry will be clearer.
if your bc and your geometry are symmetric, don't forget to cut your geometry in half

JSolder November 14, 2012 14:07


Thanks for teh reply. I created a bounding "brick" and attempted to subtract the 4 volumes but ended up with

WARN: Problematic geometry reported for volume volume 5 (bounding brick)
WARN: There are output entities with badly checking geometry.

Not that either of these are a problem, but the original volumes(1-4) are not closed so now I have a more complicated volume to deal with.

I am currently going through and creating faces that will seperate teh interior of teh box from the exterior bounding volume whithin the new volume 5 (e.g. teh bounding brick with teh 1-4 volumes removed) but the way that Gambit numbers teh edges is not sequential, for example the edge number 200 and 201 are not next to eachother. It is just too time intensive to go through 4000+ edges if there is little rhyme and reason to create the faces.

Not sure where to go without spending hours trying to get the correct faces built. it there a way to identify edges in the visualizer?

-mAx- November 21, 2012 02:03

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as your volume is still real, you can cut (split) it with plane.
So you need to split it at each extremity from solid domain (bounding box)
My planes appear in blue
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At the end you get the volume you wanted, and you can clean the rest of domain by deleting unwanted volumes.
To be sure that you have fluid domain, you can create a plane crossing the middle of your volume and check if everythiing is ok (then undo) ;)
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