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amir2920 November 20, 2012 19:23

Defining a 2-D surface in a 3d geometry

I am Using Ansys 14.0. I want to define a surface (a circle) on my 3-d geometry. But the design modeler software needs thickness and does not creates a surface in a 3D geometry. I need to determine this circle on a part of my geometry, because I need to calculate something specifically for this circle are in FLUENT. So I need to define a name for it in (named selection) then I will be able to select that in FLUENT and calculate for that area. What should I do?:confused:

Please help me with this. Thank you.

diamondx November 21, 2012 11:36

can you be more clear.
Just click with right button mouse on the FACE you want, for that you need to filter the selection mode to FACE. and insert a named selection. What software are you using for meshing it can be done in the meshing process as well...

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