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pavilion November 23, 2012 07:17

problem with import geometry from catia
hi all

i try to import a geometry (body + fin) from catia to designmodeler
the problem is that the designmodeler recognizes the geometry as two seperate bodies and when i use the boolean unite nothing is changed (a small yellow true marker before boolean appear - ansys 13.0)
i draw the enclosure and then use boolean substract and i receive the following error message:
Error: operation would result in non-manifold bodies
context: Geometry engine, while generating feature Boolean20

i read all topics about importing geometry from catia and i am sure that the problem is related to the initial geometry file in catia.
my question is:
How i must draw a body + fin in catia to be recognized as one body in designmodeler?
i tried a lot of solution, i changed the type of the file (iges,catpart), iverified the connection between body and fin.... No result

please help me if anyone have trying to import geometry from catia

diamondx November 23, 2012 11:45

i guess you are trying to perform a boolean operation between solid and surface...
can you share some picture see what it looks like ?

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