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sandy_1982 November 23, 2012 14:00

ANSYS meshing for CHT problem
Hi friends,

i need to do an aircraft engine bay ventilation study and i have the following :

1 . aircraft skin of 1 mm thickness , and engine sits inside whose temperature on the surface is known

2 . surrounding fluid domain (air)

I am meshing both the solid and the fluid domain.

I am going for a hexa mesh with three cells across the 1mm thickness of the skin by making it sweepable by slicing operations

My queries are :

1. what is better : a tet mesh or a hexa mesh for the solid domain ?

2. i am planning for a tet mesh for the fluid domain and an inflation layer over the skin , is this approach of meshing good - looking at the overall objective of obtaining the temperature distribution both in the solid (skin) domain and the air surrounding it.

Thanks & regards


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