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davidwilcox November 26, 2012 04:39

Icem scripting error
If let's say I have a curve named "oval", how do I put that into a command script in icem to let that curve have 20 nodes?
I have tried many ways but I always get an error saying " no curve named "oval". I am confused because I named a curve in my geometry oval but the ICEM script could not recognize it. Any suggestions?

Many thanks in advance.
This is what I wrote:
set no_nodes 25
foreach curves [list OVAL] {ic_set_meshing_params curve OVAL emax [expr "[ic_geo_crv_length OVAL] / ($no_nodes - 1)"] emin 0 ehgt 0 edev 0 hrat 0 ] }

biomechanics November 26, 2012 08:08

hypermesh or ansa can get high quality mesh

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