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samurai_01 November 28, 2012 05:34

Problem in creating different zones in ICEM-CFD
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Hi everyone.
I am a beginner in ICEM CFD. my problem is that i have been solving a problem of fluid flow through microchannel in 2D, with three separate region, two of them being solids and the middle one being the fluid region.
As i am meshing in ICEM CFD:
1. i am unable to use blocking on 3 regions as when i select blocking, it selects the entire entity as a single geometry, which i don't want to.

2. i am creating different bodies for my problem but when i right click and dispaly info, it says there are no curves/surfaces/mesh parts in the body parts created. (say fluid / solid1/solid2).
and when i export the mesh, it displays only one single zone(the default GEOM) and not the 3 zones i want to.
I have attached the image of my figure with zone's names specified and
Please help... i have read many posts and have tried and falied, but to no avail.

diamondx November 28, 2012 09:48

Use a blocking, after splitting your blocks, right mouse button on part, then create, then click on "blocking material" give the name fluid1 and select the block you want to dissociate from solid...

samurai_01 November 28, 2012 13:41

THANK you very much for your precious help..... i am trying it out and will let you know the results...


yes it worked in my model for 2d and for 3d .... thanks for helping out :)

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