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TallesC December 1, 2012 16:03

exports geometry workbench to ICEM
hello, I'm trying to export a geometry of a pipe workbench to ICEM, but the centerline of the pipe is not appearing in Icem,I need this line to facilitate the creation of the blocks to generate the mesh in Icem, I've tried exporting in different types of extension (IGS, Parasolid) but it did not work! please help me?

diamondx December 1, 2012 16:23

try step extension, personally the one i prefer is the AGDB file. i export it then i use workbench reader to import the AGDB file, works like a charm...

TallesC December 2, 2012 18:57

none of the two ways that you said worked, the centerline ICEM not appeared in this line I'm talking about is the one I used to generate the pipe in the workbench, you have any idea why this problem is occurring??

jrunsten December 3, 2012 04:06

What is your centerline really? Is it a sketch or a body? If you create a Line Body from a sketch for example, there should be no issue.

TallesC December 3, 2012 10:43

is a sketch, how do I convert to sketch a line of body in design of workbench??

TallesC December 3, 2012 19:42

Problem with the license Ansys CFX
I installed Ansys 13.0 and the next problem was reported:
**** In servers provided.
**** FLEXlm Servers: 1055 @ Talles-PC

**could someone help me?

jrunsten December 4, 2012 03:21

Concept >> Lines from sketches

TallesC December 4, 2012 08:37

it worked ... thank you so much for your help jrunsten......

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