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sinu December 2, 2012 09:01

about hexagonal mesh

I'm getting problem with meshing.

Max skewnesses of meshing result are always around 0.99 and I think it makes trouble in Fluent.

I heard from someone that there is a option about shape of mesh in mesh software. And he told me that if it is set to hexagonal, max skewness of mesh can be very lowered than when it is set to triangle or square. He said it is somewhere around upper menu bar.

But I can't find where that option is.

Is there anyone knows the option what I finding and where it is?

My Ansys version is 13.

PSYMN December 3, 2012 12:25

It sounds like you are talking about changing your meshing method from the default to Hexahedral...

To do that, select a body, right click and "insert method"...

This will pop up a details panel that lets you change the method from default to something else, (like sweep or MultiZone or hexa dominant (for FEA)).

But I don't think this will fix your quality problem... Usually quality problems are the result of geometry that over-constrains the mesh. The solution will probably be virtual geometry to remove feature lines that you don't need.

A picture of the poor quality areas would be helpful in diagnosing what you need to do.

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