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jjperez December 4, 2012 09:19

How to insert a interior surface mesh
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Hello I'm a new user of ANSYS. Someone know how I can insert a interior surface mesh in a geometry? I must put the surface in the Designmodeler module or in the Ansys Meshing ?(these surface is a green surface inside the geometry, I attached a image to help you). I want make that to use these surface like a fan in a building ventiltion simulation.

Thank you.

diamondx December 4, 2012 10:06

create a plane there, draw your circle using sketch, then go to concept -> surface from edges (or sketch) and you will get it...

jjperez December 4, 2012 10:32

Hello Diamondx, i tryed that in Designmodeler, but when I try to mesh the created surface in ANSYS Meshing doesn't work and I can't mesh the geometry. I need put a value for the tickness of the created plane or configure specially these plane?

Thank you again!

jrunsten December 5, 2012 09:30

If you split (Slice) the cylinder you will automatically get an interface between the two halves. Just make sure the body is Frozen before you do so

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