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UDS_rambler December 4, 2012 12:33

Unable to split Blocks
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Hi everybody,

I'm new to ICEM and I'm facing my first issues trying to create a hexahedal mesh of a bifurcation (see attached figure).

I must say I was quite into Gambit's way of thinking and, maybe, it made me approach not in the ideal way.
I know it is possible to use the blocking approach to produce hexadral meshes and I made several tutorials to improve my skills in it.
I thought of creating a T shaped block to be associated to my real geometry. To do so I start from the box in the picture and then I try to split it in for parts. When I split the block (in the picture you can see just the horizontal splitting), I got the following message:

Split value: 0.609657

so I figured out splitting was done. Unfortunately, no new block edge is visible and if I turned on the blocks in the model tree, only one block (the original one) was still visible.
Playing with the visualization paramaters, I noticed that if I turn off Model>Blocking>Blocks>Whole Blocks I will see four blocks, but I still can't select or delete anyone of them.
Honeslty, I don't know what's the matter. Probably I'm mistaking something, but what?

Thanks so much for your attention

Yours sincerly


UDS_rambler December 5, 2012 04:54


I don't know what happened but now I can do it successfully!

Thanks a lot anyway!

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