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macfly December 4, 2012 19:36

Transition layers from quad (or hexa) coarse mesh to quad (or hexa) fine mesh?
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Is it possible to build a quad (or hexa) transition mesh like the mesh in the attached image? Not necessarily a right-angled mesh, but a somewhat structured quad (or hexa) transition mesh, preferably with blocking. Can Fluent handle that kind of mesh? (my first guess is no...)

Thanks ahead,

Far December 4, 2012 23:17

It is possible to make the similar mesh in ICEM Hexa. Just choose the refinement factor (1:2, 1:3 etc). But Fluent only accepts the factor 1:2 in adjacent cells, so getting similar mesh as in ICEM you need to make as many blocks as there is transition in the model. Got it?

Just an example, I can judge from pic, you need alteast 4 blocks to get the similar mesh.

macfly December 5, 2012 10:52

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Ok, I got the mesh refinement in Icem with Blocking => Pre-Mesh Params => Refinement... see attached image. The problem is the export to Fluent, I get various errors because of the bad coupling between blocks. Do I have to edit the Blocking mesh (Blocking => some operation...) or the converted unstructured mesh (Edit Mesh => some operation...)? I didn't find a way to export a .msh without errors.

Far December 5, 2012 10:55

you should try this on the 3d case!!!. Because this is known problem for the 2d case and already discussed on the forum with simon.

AdamAL February 10, 2014 07:09

The step-wise refinement is potentially quite usefull. But it quickly becomes tedious to create new blocks for every additional level of refinement (to be compatible with Fluent). Is there a way to do so automagically?

So for example:
Select block to be refined;
Select ref. dimension;
Select ref. factor;
Select maximum step change (which would then be 2).

Which would then result in a transition like in François' OP.

(I realize this is an old thread. But since I landed here with google, and this is directly relevant, hopefully you don't mind me reviving.)

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