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CFDisFUN December 6, 2012 15:10

3D Cubical Enclosure in DesignModeler-Can't Define Fluid Volume
Greetings All:
I am aiming to model natural convection of a fluid inside a cube with hot and cold walls. In DesignModeler, I made a rectangle out of sketch, made a surface and swept it to make a 3D cube. Once I meshed it and solved it, I don't see any solved solution for the interior! It seems the Fluent did not recognize the volume. Please advise.

Thank you

diamondx December 6, 2012 16:04

wich software did you use to mesh ?

CFDisFUN December 6, 2012 16:41

Using Workbench, I used DM for designing and its own Meshing tool. Any advise?

diamondx December 6, 2012 16:57

what do you mean by solved solution in the interior ? when you created your volume in designmodeler, it has a name the default one is "SOLID", can you see it in fluent ??? do you have cells inside it

CFDisFUN December 7, 2012 17:56

3D enclosure to study the fluid inside-Problem of design
Dear All:
Let me rephrase my question in a better order. The goal is to model a cube which includes 6 walls obviously and filled with a fluid, lets say air. Something like a room with walls and inside air. The idea is to investigate the natural convection of air inside the room when we have hot and cold walls.
In Design modeler, it looks like I can not model the volume correctly. The reason is that once I solved my problem, I do not see any variable solution like temperature and velocity for inside fluid (air). There is no option of interior fluid.

Am I missing a step in defining my volume? I used cube option from primitive 3D DM. Please help me how can I solve the issue to study the fluid inside.

Thank you

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