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zlaugh December 8, 2012 13:34

Error in setup after meshing (fluid & solid)
I'm doing natural convection to study heat transfer coefficient. therefore has 2 body, one solid geometry and one fluid control volume.

i created the solid geometry in 1 body first then create the control volume with 'add frozen' and specify it to fluid.

picture below is pre mesh.

then i just click update and mesh it without changing anything. post mesh picture as shown below

is this the correct way of meshing? or should i change some of the setting?

in workbench, geometry and mesh has tick beside it so i assume it is ok. but when i open setup, it shows 'model information is incompatible with incoming mesh' like picture below

and this is how it looks after i click ok.

can someone pls tell me what's wrong?
and how do i set boundary condition? treat every surface as wall?
all surface has set temperature as 303K and the solid geometry as higher temperature?

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