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Zaphod'sSecondHead December 9, 2012 06:42

Inflation problem: Internal pipe flow with Turbulator Inserts
Hi, members! I'm new to both ANSYS-CFX and this highly informative and respected forum. Please pardon me if my inexperience comes off as ignorance.

I'm trying to simulate heat transfer to water flowing inside a copper absorber tube with turbulator inserts. The details are:

Inner Dia: 1 inch
Outer Dia: 1.125 inch
Turbulator thickness: 1 mm

Here's the model part showing the turbulator profile:

..and the standard 3-view sketch:

Several of these parts have been assembled to a length of 1 meter:

Meshing Details:
Min size: 1.E-4
Max face size: 5.E-3
Max tetra size: 5.E-3

During meshing, the mesher displayed an error of inflation layers clashing with the body mesh. It says: "The Patch Conforming Tetrahedron Mesh failed due to intersection in boundary or inflation mesh Here is a picture of the resultant mesh (Mesh of outer pipe is hidden):
Front view (Notice the lack of inflation):

Isometric (almost):

I have the following questions:
1. How do I tweak the inflation layer to adjust itself near the turbulator tips?

2. The Copper pipe was also meshed under the default setting of CFX physics preference. Will that create a problem?


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