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scribby182 December 11, 2012 13:29

Blocking Strategy for Intersecting Tapered Cylinders

I have a part that is a curved surface with a tapered cylinder extruded from the airfoil. I am looking to make a structured mesh in ICEM to use for 3D CFD. The geometry is periodic, so each extrusion mates with the neighboring extrusion in the flowpath. Image 1 shows a top-down view, simplified view of this mating (in black) with an example of the periodic boundary for the domain (in red). Image 2 shows a solid model on the intersecting tapered cylinders.

The problem I have is with the curve made by the mating surface (curve along the intersection between neighboring parts). This curve is not aligned with the flow or the periodic boundary. I'm not sure what the best blocking strategy to capture this would be. I can't simply merge the surfaces, as because the cylinders are tapered there is a corner formed at the curve between the two parts. But, as far as I understand, if I don't have an edge associated to that curve, the geometry in that region will not be captured.

The only thing I could think of for blocking was to create a quarter o-grid. Images 3-5 show different iterations of this (I've omitted the other edges in the region and only shown the ones directly related to the o-grid). The first two images show o-grids on one side of the curve or the other, the third with one on each side. The problem with these is that I think the areas indicated by circles will have distorted elements. Is this a suitable blocking strategy, or are there others that people can suggest that would work better?

Thanks very much for any help you can provide,


EDIT: Sorry, missed two things:
1) I should have said these were cylinders effectively in crossflow (as flow is going through the channel)
2) Sorry, but I can not post any geometry/ICEM files.

energy382 December 13, 2012 09:20


Originally Posted by scribby182 (Post 396969)
2) Sorry, but I can not post any geometry/ICEM files.

sorry, but I can't help you without that files :D

scribby182 December 17, 2012 11:02

Sorry, the geometry is proprietary so I really can't post anything more than the general descriptions. Thanks.


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