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Bionico December 12, 2012 05:47

Inflation in multibody part (hexa & tetra)
Hi everybody,
I have a room and a heating system near a wall: I have split the air in 8 bodies, so I finally have 9 bodies (including the heater, see figure below considering that the first face is a simmetry plane).
Now, I'd like to create inflation on every walls (see the picture of my last mesh without inflation), but I found a lot of difficulties: I tried sweep methods but always an error occured (poor mesh quality) and the mesh failed; I tried even multibody method but it doesn't resolve my problem and in addiction I coudn't be able to use pinch control (and I need it!!).
If i put inflation without specifying the methods it creates the entire mesh with tetra, but I want tetra only in the air near the heating system and hexa in the others in order to reduce the size of the mesh.

Any suggestion?

PS: I'm using Ansys 13.0

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