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Far December 16, 2012 02:20

New Feature in ICEM is required
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Dear All

After working on many projects on the using ICEM CFD. I have feeling that there should be some enhancements in the functions of ICEM CFD both in terms of blocking and geometry. But the most important feature which I think must be there is

" We can move the vertices in o-grid along it perimeter without distrubing the overall o-grid shape". At the moment vertex alignment tools do not provide this functionality.

So what you guys think, this function shall be good addition to ICEM, if so please like this post so that Simon can take notice of this ;)

PSYMN December 17, 2012 10:11

Please be more specific :o

Do you mean that when you move an Ogrid perimeter vertex you would like an option to "maintain orthogonality"?

How would that be different than moving the vertex and then using "reset orthogonality" for that edge?

Far December 17, 2012 10:24

Ok I try to to be more specific.

Take an example of simple circle. Let create block and associate edge to perimeter. Now we make the o-grid. Now we have four green edges and four black or blue edges.

As moving the green edges are concerned, they are already following the curves to whom they are associated so whenever we move the vertices they will slide along that curve. The problem comes when we want to move the vertices on black or blue edge. I wish there should be option which can restricts the motion of vertices to the main green edges. So if shape is the ellipse they will move along ellipse and if the shape is circle their motion will be circular without disturbing the length of diagonal edges (diagonal edges connects the inner and outer o-grid edges).

Moreover there be option to move parallel vertices (along) in same fashion (extended capability)

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