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sso December 16, 2012 11:54

cooper meshing in gambit
Iím a chemical engineer, and itís my first gambit modeling.
The geometry consists of a 3D cylindrical tube that is united with 2 pipes as the inlet and outlet.
The composition of middle part of tube is different. So, it should be split. I want to generate mesh by cooper method. Meshing of 2 parts of them was successfully accomplished, but 3th part could not be meshed.:confused:
thax for your help

-mAx- December 17, 2012 04:00

any picture?

sso December 18, 2012 07:35

-mAx- December 19, 2012 03:53

ok easy
*create a small cylinder (same diameter from your both extremities).
This cylinder should be a connection between the 2 small cylinders.
*Split your domain with this new cylinder. Gambit should isolate your both extremities cylinder, and also the big one hollowed by the inner cylinder.
*Now you can mesh all the small cylinders with cooper, and also the annulus.
Hope it helped

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