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DoubleG December 17, 2012 12:52

Merge problem
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When I try to merge an unstructured mesh and a structured mesh, for some reason it doesn't work. I included an attachment with an impression of the geometry. Does somebody know how to solve this?

The error it gives is (as visible in the attachment):
I am trying to include edge 81107 62911 but vertex 81107 isn't even in the region 1
unable to include quad 168283 (81100 62912 81107 62911)

I tried to play with the following things, but it didn't work:
Add or remove surfaces at the interface.
Change face association at the interface for the blocking.

I know that the mesh sizes don't match that well in this case, but that should not be a problem.

Has somebody an idea?

Thanks in advance,

diamondx December 17, 2012 13:29

rules for merging tetra with hexa:
keep it simple... one surface which will be your interface.
Merged surface must share a perrmeter 100%
Both meshes must be projected to that perrmeter
About size: 0.7 (hexa) to 1 (tetra) is best

From Simon tip and tricks

I have some free time, we can investigate together the project if you don't mind sharing your project...

DoubleG December 18, 2012 09:05

Thanks for the help, I now simplified the geometry using the create topology command, and it seems to work.

What do you mean by investigating together? I can send you the geometry, it is just a geometry from literature which I want to use for validation.


diamondx December 18, 2012 12:05


investigating together
Let's take a look together, please use dropbox or somewhere i don't have to register

DoubleG December 21, 2012 10:18

That would be nice. I wanted to try by myself, also because I need to get used to ICEM, but I still don't manage to fix it. I always keep the troubles of geometry which seems not to be closed and those kind of errors.

In the hyperlink below you can find a .tin file of the geometry and a description of the geometry. I need three impellers who can rotate in a baffled vessel. For this reason I made a cylindrical interface around each of the impeller, and I want to apply a MRF approach to these interfaces. I also need to include free surface flow, so on top of the cylinder I made another volume which I could fill with air initially. Finally I also need a place to inject some tracer during a transient analysis in order to track the concentrations.

The article describing the geometry is (I use the bigger geometry from the file):
CFD simulations and experimental validation of homogenisation curves and mixing time in stirred Newtonian and pseudoplastic liquids from Montante et al. A screenshot of the geometry (T=48cm) is presented in the dropbox as well. The vessel is baffled with four flat baffles of width T/10.

Due to holidays I don't have access to Icem coming two weeks, but I can still correspond.

Thanks in advance,
Gerrald Gelderblom

Click here to view MONTANTE.

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