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RAJ KIRAN December 17, 2012 16:42

regarding blocking and splitting
hello everyone
i'm new to icemcfd ,plz help me out how to use index control while splitting the blocks..
looking forward for a reply

diamondx December 17, 2012 16:49

when i just started using index blocking , i just used the select corner option, fast and easy...

macfly December 17, 2012 18:43

2 Attachment(s)
Here is an exercise for you to understand the possibilities of index control:

- Open the attached zipped project.

- Play with the display of the parts to see what's what.

- Let's say you want to associate all the edges in the cube.

- To associate the edges to curves contained in the parts CURVES1 to CURVES4, play with the K dimension of the blocking index control. Example: display BLOCKING and CURVES1 and set the index control as shown in the attached picture.

- To associate the curves contained in the parts CURVES5 to CURVES8, play with the I dimension of the blocking index control.

- You will realize that you can do the edge associations by working in 2D planes sequentially, instead of having your eyes crossed trying to decode a puzzle of 3D edges.

RAJ KIRAN December 18, 2012 01:15

thanks a lot

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