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fmarlow December 18, 2012 13:49

nodes in sweep direction not evenly distributed
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Hi Fellows,
in ICEM I have a swept block with a planar an a convex surface as free faces. On all side faces the nodes are distributed evenly in sweeping direction (according to the edge parameters of the side). But inside the volume, where the extension in sweeping direction is larger as on the side faces, all except one layer of elements have the same thickness as on the side faces and the last layer fills the rest. The attached picture should make clear what I mean.
I want to have an even distrubution of nodes in sweeping direction across the whole volume. Has anyone an idea what causes th problem?

fmarlow December 19, 2012 04:32

All right, I got it. I just slept a night over it and now I found a way.
I just changed the block IJK. I guess this way the mesher started sweeping from the opposite face which obviously works better.
But another Question (would probably be better in another thread, but its not that important): Meshing the free faces with quad dominant results in more triangles (in 3D prisms) than meshing with all quad. Are there any preferences for the solver (CFX)? Like the less prism the more robust?

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