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sakurabogoda December 19, 2012 08:00

How to trim this surface?
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Dear All,
I don't know whether I am asking a very basic question. But Really appreciate your helps.

I want to delete the intersection plane of two axial cylinders as shown in attachments. (image 1/2)

I followed following steps;
1. Made surface-surface interaction by a Bspline in to two parts. (image 3)
2. Segment/Trim the curved surface by using created curve in step 1.

But in this matter, the curved surface cannot trim and only damage the surface. (see in attachments: image 4)

I have used this method to trim intersecting surfaces in many cases as cylinder-cylinder or cylinder-rectangular plane.

Then why this happens only in this situation?

BrolY December 19, 2012 08:49

Redo the surfaces with the option "from 2 or 4 curves" and retrim.
that should work.

Far December 19, 2012 10:36

Why you want to trim that surface?

sakurabogoda December 21, 2012 00:46

Dear All,
Thanks a lot for replies.
I couldn't trim it with the option "from 2 or 4 curves", but worked with the option, "surface of revolution". I don't know why ICEM is not allow to trim a circular surface, but other shape of surfaces.

Dear Far,
I want to trim that one to make the flow path. Actually this is not the real geometry, is a trial.

Far December 21, 2012 01:24

placing the two materials points with same name will do the job.

Any how for learning purpose this exercise is good and necessary.

msaeedsadeghi March 5, 2013 05:41

Is it possible to trim a surface by surface in ICEM?

sakurabogoda March 5, 2013 06:18

Try with trim by "By connectivity" option (no experience with this). But I always do trim in two joint surfaces by making a curve on joint line. You can do this using "surface surface intersection".

BrolY March 5, 2013 06:24

Build topology would do it I think.

Far March 5, 2013 08:17

Not directly. First you have to create the curve at the intersection of two surfaces and then go to surface tool and segment surface by these curves you have just created.

Build topology is awesome tool, give it try and you will save alot time. But some times it is tricky to handle it.

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