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s_azizmohammadi December 19, 2012 11:59

3D Geometry in Rhino
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Hi everybody,

I have a simple 2D geometry (square) in Rhino and want to extrude it in 3D. In 2D model I have a curve which separates two sides of the geometry (2D surface). I creat a solid from 2D surface of my geometry then I extrude the curve to get simple 3D model (say a box with a wall in the middle). when I try to mesh this 3D model in ANSYS, just one side of the wall is meshed, I want to have full mesh for both side of the wall. (see attached files)
Attachment 17737
Attachment 17738
if I assign material "BODY" manually in ANSYS to both side of the wall it works well, but I want to create it automatically by Rhinoscript then send it to mesher.

any comment would be appreciated in advance.


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