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jojojo January 8, 2013 18:09

Beginner Question re: o-grid in icem cfd
I'm new to CFD, and couldn't find a solution to my problem in the existing forums, probably because it's a fairly elementary problem.

I want to simulate fluid flow over a 2D cylinder, using a circular domain. This is my process:
I created two concentric circles, made the bounding box over them, and then created an o-grid block. I then associated the bounding box edges and vertices to the outer circle, and the o-grid block edges and vertices to the inner circle.

I want my mesh to exist only between the two circles, but when I create my mesh I end up with a mesh inside the inner cylinder as well.

Can anybody help a noob out?

DoubleG January 10, 2013 06:26

Just delete the block, this is the last option in the blocking tab.

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