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Crank-Shaft January 11, 2013 06:48

Blocking and Meshing Strategy for an open flow domain over backward facing ramp
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Hello everyone,

There is another older thread with a description and images of the geometry of interest - Blocking and Meshing around a vane vortex generator

I am still working on a simulation with similar objectives to those described in a past thread - One particular domain with a given aspect ratio and vortex generator orientation was fully optimised, blocked and meshed and I have used it for numerous Fluent simulations without any problems.

However, I recently changed the vortex generator vane to half the previous height, and used the exact same blocking and meshing strategy in ANSYS Design Modeler and Meshing. Unfortunately, I keep receiving mesh skewness warnings when I try to import into Fluent and the orthogonal quality is catastrophic. This fell below 3e-3 based on the Ansys Meshing histogram and I have tried several different options including Advanced Sizing and Multizone with mapped-mesh-only, free Hexa-core, free Hexa-dominant amongst others. I really need some help in meshing this geometry and I have observed that users here work with far more complicated geometries so please share your opinions and suggestions.

The edge biased-sizing values were kept exactly the same as the higher vortex generator and this may also need to be changed. I really need to try and find a consistent approach for generating hexahedral meshes with a reasonable orthogonal quality and skewness.

The uploaded geometry and mesh files can be found here -

. I look forward to your response.

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