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s.amirpour January 13, 2013 14:37

i want to mesh by hex method on gambit distances between two cylinder that ones is elliptical tilt cylinder and second is circular cylinder,but i recieve error!!!please help me...


-mAx- January 14, 2013 02:28

pictures always help

s.amirpour January 14, 2013 03:52

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Attachment 18138
please see this image,i want mesh large cylinder volume that i subtract two elliptical and circular cylinders by hex elements but i cant,i think decomposing can help me but i dont know how?:(

-mAx- January 14, 2013 03:55

same picture but in (xy) plane to see distance between both small pipes

s.amirpour January 14, 2013 04:13

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Attachment 18139
dA1 is small surface element of circular cylinder and x=7.6m,distance x is between center of elliptic and center of circle
tanks a lot

-mAx- January 14, 2013 04:29

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Then extend both small pipes, and split volume with sweeped surfaces.
Then create 3 planes, and split volume into 4 pieces
Start meshing with pipes
Attachment 18140

s.amirpour January 19, 2013 01:43

thanks a lot for your help but i shouldnot extend pipes because of their dimensions!!!!

-mAx- January 21, 2013 02:24

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I didn't change pipe dimensions.. as you can see the hollow doesn't go through the whole domain.
I just extend the diameter of the pipe (topology), and this surface will be treated as interior, not as wall
Attachment 18331

s.amirpour January 21, 2013 12:18

2 Attachment(s)
thanks for your help,maybe i should describe more about my problem,small pipes are wall and large cylinder is pressure farfeild,complete geometrry is consist of two small circular cylinders with D=3.8m&H=6.365m,distance between them is x=4.75m,third cylinder is elliptical&tilt cylinder H=8.596m&D1=4.686m&D2=3.0815m,rotate this cylinder 45 degree on negetive Z direction and translate y=8.1m,large cylinder treate as pressure farfeild with D=19m&H=16m,then i substract three small cylinedrs of large cylinder,i want to mesh by hex element this geometry but i cant!!!!
attachment images discribe my problem please see them
thank a lot

-mAx- January 22, 2013 02:00

your geometry isn't the same as in your third post... :rolleyes:
post other view of your geometryto see how small cylinders are "intercepting" together

s.amirpour January 22, 2013 02:18

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i first create cylinders on pozitive Y axis location then make chenges.

-mAx- January 22, 2013 03:05

then it will be challenging to mesh it with full hexa (that's my point of view)

s.amirpour January 24, 2013 08:20

meshing error
i try meshing by hex cooper element but recieve this error:
independent loop of swept faces on volume,volnme1 had mismatched intervals assigned and thus cannot be meshed using the cooper tool:(

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