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Nebula January 18, 2013 10:17

Blocking Quarter Pipe with Chamfer
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Hi everybody,

I'm new into ICEM and have to generate a mesh for the following geometry: a quarter pipe with a chamfer. In future I will do some simulations regarding the fluid flow inside and outside the quarter pipes.

Here's an image of my geometry:

'Cause of the cylindrical geometry I'm using quarter o-grid's. The problem are the chamfers located at the ends of the pipes: I created a quarter o-grid on the y-z-plane and on the x-z-plane but it seems that the mesh has to much distortion...

The 2nd image shows my first approach to block the chamfer at the inner pipe (the green part) with an o-grid:

...and a pic showing the o-grid on the chamfer:

Is there anybody who can give me some help regarding a blocking strategy? Hopefully there's a better way to fix it.

I submit my generated files so far...

Thanks in advance! :)

BrolY January 18, 2013 11:34

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You don't need the 2nd 1/4 of O-grid .. it looks like some edges got mixed up.
Don't do it, but associate the edges to the right curves, delete the "solid" blocks, and it should be good.

EDIT : attached an example.
Be careful to your geometry, there are many surfaces that you can delete (same with curves. Also, I added curves and points as a support to the blocking.

Nebula January 18, 2013 12:08

Ah I see, your approach is simpler than mine. Thank you so much for the reply and the example! Think it will help me alot!

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