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Bharatt January 20, 2013 09:01

CHT:meshing help for 3D room
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i am simulating convective heat transfer inside the 3D closed room.for which i am using a cube room model, inside which there is a heat source. at the sides of the wall, bottom, there are two inlets and two outlets at the top. i don't have idea how to how to mesh. i will be very thankful if someone provides little hint.

thanks in advance


-mAx- January 21, 2013 07:40

is your outer cube already splitted from your inside cube (source)?

Bharatt January 21, 2013 08:16

Thank you for the reply
Yes, i did that after going through some of the posts here.

P.S-is it correct to take inlet and outlet conditions, just the way i made, on the faces of the cube(as the are in 2D)?

-mAx- January 21, 2013 08:24

I check your model.
Nothing is connectd, and/or spliited
-split volume 1 with volume 2
-split face 6 with face 15 and face 16
-split face 2 with face 13
-split face 1 and 14

Then you can (or not delete the volume inside your cube (source))
Once it is done, you can go and mesh as you want

Bharatt January 21, 2013 10:37

Thank you max-

i got the mesh, but i am facing problem while exporting the mesh to fluent, i am getting a WARN: boundary entity xxxx(for inlet and outlet) does not contain any valid entity........

P.S- i am generating volume mesh for source and room.

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