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S1m0n1 January 21, 2013 14:43

Need some help with DesignModeler
Hi, I am trying to model a 3-D room with various inlets and outlets. In the end, I would like to be able to see the pathlines of the flow, along with the flow of different types and sizes of particles I inject. Right now I am having trouble completing the 3-D geometry with the inlets/outlets.

So far, I have done the easy part in completing the solid rectangle. Now to add the inlets/outlets is where I'm stuck. All I did was draw a rectangle on 2 different surfaces and I created a surface from the sketch. Is this how I would go about doing this? When I tried to mesh it I couldn't get the mesh to work. I want to have at least one inlet/outlet on each wall and the ceiling.

All help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advanced!

zxin January 22, 2013 03:36

There is an operation in Extrude called 'Imprint Faces'

S1m0n1 January 22, 2013 19:18

Thanks for the reply, it helped out a lot.

Ok, so I have impinted all of the inlets and outlets that I would like to use. I just want to run this by anyone looking at this to see if what I did make sense and will work.

So here is what I have so far: Sorry, for some reason it wouldn't let me insert the picture.

I imprinted all of the inlets/outlets and selected "To Next" for Extent Type. I think this extended them into the body. By doing this, does this only cause the rectangles to be on the surface, acting like actual inlet/outlet vents? If not, how can I do this?

jrunsten January 23, 2013 03:47

Imprint only affects the surface, so you're good.

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