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seed January 24, 2013 16:44

Gambit- bad surface meshing
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Hi everyone,

I am a college student and I am pretty new to CFD. I know some basic techniques for meshing in Gambit

Currently I am trying to mesh a model so that I can export to Fluent for data analysis. I managed to mesh the whole model except for one of the three tube where the mesh is bad, irregular (I dont know what is the term to say it)

Could anybody please have a look at the attached step file and maybe give me a hint on what the problem might be? I cant upload the msh file as its size exceed the maximum size allowed to upload

Thanks in advance!

-mAx- January 28, 2013 04:22

I suppose you cleaned a little your step file, because you have collisions between volumes 1,3 and 4
And I suppose your problem comes from surface 5, 21 or 30. The fact is that you have very small angles (sharp) due to tangential edges (check edges 24 and 58 for instance)

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