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asal January 28, 2013 16:30

Unit in ICEM, Hybrid mesh
Hello every body.

I have two guestion:
I want to know, how can I change the unit in ICEM? for instance I work with a geometry with the unit meter. but I want to do some manipulation, I prefer to work with mm. So how can I change the unit to mm instead of m?
please attention that, I don't want to scale it, just I want to enter the distances in mm and ICEM also show me the units in mm or what ever.

2) I have a geometry and I want to create a mesh for it. Since a part of the geometry is complicated, I want to create thetra mesh for this area and hexa mesh for the rest. I heard this is Hybrid mesh.
Is anybody here can provide me any tutorial or something in this area which can help me to overcome this mesh generation?

Ludvik January 30, 2013 11:38

- ICEM CFD doesn't use units. Just scale geometry.
- In Customer Postal is tutorial "MultiZone Meshing in a HVAC Transition Duct".

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