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vdrx84 January 30, 2013 21:51

Meshing Problem, overlap.
I am using ICEM CFD for a project I have acquired from a previous student and have been given a mesh that is representative of a blade inside a cascade. In the link below you can see how the mesh unfortunately fails. At the right hand side of the trailing edge the mesh overlaps itself. Also, to some extent the quality on the left hand side is rather poor. I am new to using ICEM CFD and I'm failing to understand where the mesh is going wrong. Any help or thoughts on possible issues with the mesh would be really welcome, thanks.

Error messages:

bad params in create_edge_pars


error meshing edge (long list of edges here)

vdrx84 January 30, 2013 22:45

It seems that if i perform mesh refinement on that specific block then the overlapping disappears. I guess that suggests that the volume it is trying to mesh on is too narrow and it cannot do it so it just crashes and overlaps the mesh, is that a correct assumption?

Far January 30, 2013 23:40

I cannot see any overlapping in attached pic...

jeevankumarb January 31, 2013 02:32

It seems like just cure association issue. try to correct the curve association for the blade.

vdrx84 February 3, 2013 20:03

sorry for the late response, been rather busy these last few days. Thanks for the replies though. I have been looking through the replay script and haven't found the problem yet. I am creating another script from scratch and will be modifying the blade slightly so the error should come up in this process.

The script for creation of the curves for the blade is a bit of a mess I have to say, which is pretty annoying, but I can't complain too much as it has saved me a lot of work.

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