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asal January 31, 2013 11:55

STL Geometry in ICEM
Hello every one.

I had a very complicated geometry in STL format which is created by 3D scanners. It is created from so many small surfaces which is usual with STL format.
When I import it in the ICEM, the hole geometry considered as a one unite surface and I can not manipulate it any more. when I try to cut it, then the cut edges are destroyed. I try to use thopology options, but nothing helpful.
Then I try to convert the STL format in another software to Parasolid format and then import. now it is concluded a million surface and it is really heavy to work. I try to unite the surfaces and then cut them, but the same problem.
Also I have problem with facted surface.

any suggestion with this issue? how can cut this geometry and polish it a bit to use in ICEM?

diamondx February 1, 2013 09:40

i never had to deal with STL. but when i have a dirty geometry i like to bring that in designmodeler first. as it has a more friendly and beautiful GUI than icem. it also crashed less. and undo step are clear there, just have to supress feature or delete them.

Far February 1, 2013 10:24

Search thread with "STL". Simon has discussed procedure for STL handling which is strong feature of ICEM.

PSYMN February 5, 2013 10:44

@ diamondx, DM has no support for faceted data.

You have 3 options. ICEM CFD is the most general and has lots of tools and flexibility.

TGrid can work with faceted data if you are meshing for Fluent.

Or you can use FE Modeler (free in WB) and try to "Skin" the faceted geometry so you can transfer it to ANSYS DesignModeler or ANSYS Mechanical in Workbench. This last option doesn't always work because it is not always able to convert the Faceted model into a true solid geometry...

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