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SydBarrett11 January 31, 2013 13:29

INVENTOR->DM (2D geometry)
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Hi guys,
is there a way how to import a 2D sketch from Inventor 12 into DesignModeler (Ansys 12.0) ? I can save the sketch in Inventor in .DWG or .DWF formats, but DesignModeler simply refuses to read them. Inventor also offers a solution saving the model in STEP, IGES formats but this works only for 3D models, not for sketches. I also tried Invetor Fusion for converting DWG to other formats, but again, it works fine only for 3D models.

Finally I solved it this way: I created 3D model in Inventor, then I imported it easily into DesignModeler a there I created 2D geometry. Using Create Surfaces from Egdes (Picture 1). It worked fine but is this the only solution?

However it worked fine in case of (Picture 1), but in (Picture 2) I'm not able to create 2D surface using a Surface from Edges and I can't even use Mid-Surface tool (some planes are not parallel). Is there a other way, how to create 2D surface for (Picture 2)?

Thanks in advance!

diamondx January 31, 2013 13:57

create surafeces from face, did you try it ?

SydBarrett11 January 31, 2013 14:23

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Originally Posted by diamondx (Post 405356)
create surafeces from face, did you try it ?

Is there a posibility to create surfaces from faces? I know only about creating surfaces from edges and from sketches. BUT! Thanks to your hint, I realized, that I can make a SLICE in the middle plane and then use Create surface from egdes (Picture 3)! But the main problem remains. Is there a easy way, how to import 2D sketches from INVENTOR to DESIGNMODELER?

diamondx January 31, 2013 14:25

in the concept menu you have surface from sketches then edges and finally face...

diamondx January 31, 2013 14:26


how to import 2D sketches from INVENTOR to DESIGNMODELER?
I really don't know, i know that we can import 2d surfaces in step ot IGES files. so just try to create those surface with inventor and export them in step files...

Hybrid February 3, 2013 04:48

The direct CAD interface for Inventor is available with Ansys Workbench, Try that.

You only need to configure CAD interface.

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