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victoryv January 31, 2013 19:47

Diffuser geometry
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Can someone tell me how to draw this in design modeler? I have dimensions of starting and ending square. I tried using loft but it ended up having straight edges rather than curved one.

diamondx January 31, 2013 20:24

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Can't you draw sketch the profil in red and extrude ??? that's how i would have done it

victoryv January 31, 2013 20:39

The problem is it is diverging in both the directions.I also tried loft after measuring from the model and drawing intermediate squares between first and last squares . But it is giving me errors.

victoryv January 31, 2013 21:25

After spending lot of time I came to know how to do this. Draw the 3d curve connecting corner points (starting square to final square through intermediate squares ) . Create surfaces from edges and sew them together to form a solid.

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