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epc1 February 1, 2013 12:02

SOFC crossflow mesh possible problem???

Im trying to simulate a crossflow DIR SOFC in ansys fluent. Im having a lot of problems when the Ansys Fluent SOFC model interacts with the internal reforming kinetics (Ive also tried running the case with no fuel reforming, and cant get a fuel cell solution). When i solve the problem just for flow or reactor i get a good solution. So i have been wondering if it has to do with anything wrong with my mesh.

When i create the mesh in gambit, it sends me a warning for two of the volumes that belong to the mesh, but still creates the mesh. The warning im getting is "assumption of an edge type is made". The mesh quality is excellent ,and the aspect ratio is acceptable. When i read the mesh file in fluent it doesnt send me any warning ( only if i read a mesh with poor aspec ratio)

So could you please take a look at the mesh files and or gambit file, and tell me if the problem is really the mesh?


-mAx- February 4, 2013 02:57

i can download your file this evening and check tomorrow.
But I think, if the checkmesh in fluent doesn t fail, then it should be ok.
Just setup your cas and iterate..

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