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HMN February 1, 2013 13:08

Freeze/Unfreeze and Enclosure options
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Hi all,

I am a beginner with ansys 14.5 and would like to import some models from Pro Engineer. And I have these questions:

1.- The model consists of many body that are imported as freezed bodies. They are represented as ice cubes. How does affect this the model in Mechanical?

2.- I am experiencing problems with some of this imported bodies. Is there a way to deactivate (or erase them) from Design Modeler without having to create models without this bodies in ProEngineer?

3.- Error when I generate WITH THE ENCLOSURE: Conversion of body to DesignModeler format failed. How could I know why and what should I do?

Thanks in advance.

HMN February 4, 2013 08:24

I found that there're very small overlaped areas between the parts. And when I import only one part there's no errors creating the enclusure. :)

Are there options in Ansys (Design Modeler) to repair these problems and remove these overlaped areas from the geometry?

Thank you

HMN February 7, 2013 08:00

At the end I found the solution of this problems by exporting from ProE with STEP format. Then I imported with SpaceClaim and prepared the structure and used the Prepare> Ansys button to export. And everything worked fine. ;)

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