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khoopes February 2, 2013 11:28

2D Airfoil Patch Dependent Mesher Ignores Curve Sizing
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I am relatively new to ICEM, and am having trouble meshing a 2D cascade of airfoils. I have the mesh how I want it in workbench, but I would like to use ICEM so that I can automate the meshing process when I change blade shape/soliditiy etc. The mesh from workbench matches the experimental data that I have really well which is why I am trying to use it as a model. I have created a script to generate a RPL file given a certain blade geometry and it works but the problem comes when meshing.

I have tried many different things, I have tried segmenting the surface by the curves, deleting the internal surfaces and then meshing using the patch dependent mesher, it works well except the mesher seems to ignore my mesh spacing along the curves. The prism height, ratio and num layers work fine, but no matter what I do I cannot increase the number of elements along each curve. Following these threads, I have been trying to use build diagnostic geometry, but I still get the same result

I run build diagnostic geometry, using the join edge curve option. The airfoils turn red, I can then delete the surfaces inside each one. I then set the mesh parameters for my airfoils and the mesher still ignores the element count along the airfoil curves. What is it I am missing? I have added a picture of what I want the mesh to look like from workbench, what it is looking like from my ICEM automation as well as an RPL file that generates the geometry.
Thanks in advance for any help.

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