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blacksoil2012 February 4, 2013 19:02

More complaints about ANSYS Workbench Meshing
Every time after I choose to display a defined Slice Plane, the software will think for a while (with nothing showing status on my computer screen", then the windows hourglass icon will come up, indicating it is still processing. I have to point out that my model is not big, my computer is quite fast. This "delayed reaction" is really annoying since many times during the software's think time, I would assume it's already processed my request so I would point my cursor to other icons inside the panel; and this usually caused the software to have a processing jamming and the computer seems to be freezing.

In my past experience with ANSA, even with very big models I never had this problem. The response time from ANSA always seems to be instantaneous. But for ANSYS Workbench, it needs noticeable time to respond to even a small task.

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