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tongnan February 6, 2013 11:10

Mesh check in ICEM: Periodic problems
Hello everyone,
by the mesh checking in ICEM the following errors come on:

shell 4141411 has node 1987441 which has no twin
shell 4141412 has node 1987443 which has no twin
maximum distance from periodic 2.8676e-05
between vertices 235782 and 235782; Fixed
there are problems with the periodicity

can someone tell me how can I remove the errors? thank you in advance!

BahaZero April 14, 2013 16:55

I'm getting the same errors with my mesh. I have one part each for my periodic surfaces: periodic_1 and periodic_2. Each periodic part has their associated points and curves included. The mesh was generated using blocking and then converted to unstructured. In the blocking stage, all verticies attached to the periodic surfaces have been paired for periodicity. In the global mesh setup, translational periodic has also been defined according to the offset "0 0 48.132". When I use "check mesh", and enable "create subsets" I can't find any new subsets created...

How was your mesh built? Is it similar?
Can anyone suggest some other ways to narrow down the problem?

BahaZero April 14, 2013 17:11

Dang... I just figured it out...

For future reference:

In the mesh tree, I right clicked and enabled "periodicity" to display the links between nodes. Hid all other parts except my periodic planes and the one spot without white lines was where it was failing. Turned out I missed a bunch of verticies when I was liking them in the blocking stage.

=D joy!

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